Hi, I’m Lydia Kirkby.  I was born in Cheshire but now I’m a Yacht Stewardess onboard a 42 metre SUPER YACHT currently based in Palma de Mallorca and I’m going to let you into my typical day…

"countries I get to visit basically for free"

The best part about my job is all the countries I get to visit basically for free. My boat has taken me to the most AMAZING places ever. I spend 6 months in the Mediterranean and 6 months in the Caribbean. I get to do so many exciting things when I’m in these countries like scuba diving, zip lining, wakeboarding and swimming with wild dolphins.  I absolutely LOVE my job!

My typical working day is between 17-19 hours DAILY.  I never really ‘finish’ work. I do however try to have a 2 hour break during the day when I usually sleep to try to re-energise myself. I sleep onboard the yacht, all the crew have cabins so at least I don’t have to get up any earlier to travel to work.

I am there to make sure the guests onboard are well looked after. I serve them lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Normally we have around 12-15 guests so I’m always kept very busy.  After dinner the guests sometimes request a tender to go ashore or to do water sports which I really enjoy.

I’m super lucky as we have a full time professional chef that will cook for me . This means I eat VERY well, healthy and lots of variety. Eating lunch with the rest of my crew gives us a chance to catch up and where the most LAUGHS happen.

My days are different if we don’t have guests onboard the yacht. I sleep in my apartment and have a 10 minute walk in the morning to get to the marina, it’s incredibly BEAUTIFUL.  I will usually ride my bike as it means I get a few more minutes in bed!

I maintain the interior of the boat, ensure its clean, and stocked up with drinks and treats for the crew, manage accounts and update inventories. I try to finish work at 5pm so I can have time to myself.

In the evenings I usually get a wakeboard in before the sun goes down, watch a movie and see my friends. I feel BLESSED.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my job,
Lots of LOVE

Lydia xoxo


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