Feeling the chill? Here’s our round up of the best beanie wearing celebs out there and where to get yours….
Plenty of love for the beanie!

Winter hats aren’t just about staying warm – they can also make a super-stylish fashion statement. So whether you are feeling the chill, or just can’t be bothered washing your hair, go grab yourself a beanie.   

Not sure how to style them? Check out these A Listers for some inspo…


#1 Plain is not boring !

Hailey Bieber knows you can’t go wrong with a plain black beanie. Simple to pair with any outfit and it will never date. Everyone should have one in their closet.

Monmki beanie - Beanie list Flok Life teen mag

We love this one from Monki, its super-soft and even better it’s made with recycled polyester blend.

Selena Gomez-Beanie list Flok Life teen mag

#2 Nod to the 70's

Fancy something different? How about giving a nod to the 70’s like Selena Gomez in this cute, pink, crochet beanie?

Selena Gomez-Beanie 2 list Flok Life teen mag

We found hundreds of these on Etsy shops but love the idea of making our own with a pattern from TheLavenderChair.

Taylor Swift - Beanie list Flok Life teen mag

#3 Red Devil

Matching her lipstick to her red beanie led to this divine look from Taylor Swift. 

Taylor Swift - Beanie 2v list Flok Life teen mag

For the perfect red look no further than this knit from Accessorize.

Harry Styles - Beanie 2v list Flok Life teen mag

#4 Styles Like Harry

Honestly speaking, Harry Styles would look good in anything, but we love him looking casual in a beanie. Harry’s favourite brand  (he has it in loads of colours) is Carharrt and it’s an absolute bargain.

Kaia Gerber - Beanie list Flok Life teen mag

#5 Shout out to your fave location

Have a bit of fun and give a shout out to your favourite places like Kaia Gerber in her New York hat.

Kaia Gerber - Beanie2 list Flok Life teen mag

Kaia’s is by Supreme so has a hefty price tag, but how about this which we found on Etsy?


Shine bright like Rihanna!
Don’t just use your beanie as an accessory, you can build your outfit around it. 

Rihanna - Beanie 2 list Flok Life teen mag

Get the exact same one here from Size?

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