Be Social At A Distance!

Okay, so we might not be able to meet our pals outside of school for the mo, but that doesn’t stop us being social at a distance! Some tips from FLOK to help us along… Have you any other creative ideas? 

Let us know and we will share with the FLOK community.

#1 Online Hang Outs

When we just want to have a general chit chat or catch up about Strictly, we like to  create groups on sites like Facebook Messenger and  WhatsApp.  Ok, not quite the same as a group get together but they can be really handy for keeping in touch, checking in on somebody, motivating each other….. just having somebody there!

#2 Face to Face….

We know that an online get together is not quite the same as a good old face to face chat, but at least you can still feel connected. Just think the days are getting colder, nights are getting darker and you can still see your friends without having to get wrapped up!!  We have tried Face Time, Zoom, WhatsApp Group and Skype – if you have any other suggestions we would love to know!

#3 Can’t have a sleep over? Think again…..

We are all a bit obsessed with Netflix Party it has to be one of the finds of lockdown!  It is a facility which enables you to connect with your friends whilst watching Netflix. All you have to do is pick the night, get your snacks in, comfies on and pick the perfect sleepover movie…get comfy and off you go…. A socially distanced sleepover…

Tell us if you give it a go and let us know which film you picked!

#4 OnLine GAMES

Don’t know about you but we have nearly burned our fingers out playing solitaire on our mobiles!  Why not give one of these team games a go with your friends and  play from the comfort of your armchair! The FLOK  team got very competitive when they tried them out!

Those of us with consoles have tried Nintendo Switch which is great fun. We have also found some other online group games which we found really fun… have you tried any?  Let us know… Listography, Password,  Charades and  Pictionary

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