Types of Bullying and Where to Get Help

This year, more than any, we are aware of how positive things can happen when we all pull together and the #Anti Bullying campaigns which have been led by the “United Against Bullying”  team are no different.  We know that bullying can come in very different forms and can be extremely difficult to deal with.  The FLOK team just want you to know that we are here and we care.  We know that our goal for nothing but “Good Vibes” will shine through.


When someone suffers bullying it leaves a wound that may never heal. It changes the way they think and feel about themselves and can even change the path in life they decide to follow. It lowers self-esteem and can lead to anxiety, self harm, isolation and worse.

Bullying happens everyday and we need to start SPEAKING UP whether we witness bullying or are being bullied ourselves. NO GOOD will come from keeping quiet. All bullying, whatever the motivation or method is UNACCEPTABLE and should not be tolerated.

Not all bullies are the same and not all use the same methods to upset and intimidate their victims….

Physical Bullying; includes hitting, slapping, pinching and shoving.

Verbal Bullying; this can be name calling or commenting on the way a person looks or acts. This is not something that should just be ignored, research has shown that it can leave deep emotional scars.

Emotional Bullying; this is a sneaky kind of bullying that can often go unnoticed by parents and teachers. This is a classic ‘Mean Girls’ situation where an individual is pushed out of a group, has rumours spread about them or confidences broken. The goal of this bully is to increase their own position in a group by teasing, insulting, ignoring and intimidating someone else.



Cyber Bullying; including posting hurtful images, making online threats, memes directed at people and nasty and negative comments on someone else’s social media. These bullies are the worst kind of coward. They feel brave because they are hiding behind a keyboard. If you are a victim of cyberbullying it can feel never ending and that you cannot find anywhere to escape from it.

Prejudicial Bullying; this is typically bullying based on a persons race, religion or sexuality. Bullies target others who are different from themselves and single them out. Do not ignore this bullying, it can often escalate.

If you yourself are suffering in any of these situations then is help and support available. Tell someone, STOP the situation before it gets worse. If the victim is too scared to speak up themselves, then you do it, be brave, talk to someone you trust.


There are several groups which offer help and we have listed just a couple below.  Over the coming weeks we are going to add to our list of “Helplines” to make sure you have all the tools you need to STOP the bullying.

Childline is free to call and confidential, they won’t tell anyone else about what you have said. Their number won’t show up on your phone bill and they have a designated page for bullying issues.

Call – 0800 1111

EACH provides a free and confidential helpline for children experiencing homophobic, biphobic or transphobic bullying

Call – 0808 1000 143 


CEOP – Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre


This is somewhere to report if someone has acted inappropriately to you online. This can be a threatening chat or being asked to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

We are going to keep adding to the list , so if there is anybody you think we have missed please email us at hello@floklife.co.uk.  The more support we can get the better!

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